Aroma Diffuser with Lavender Essential Oil

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  • Description
    Relax and unwind. This Aroma Diffuser provides a calming feeling so you can revitalize after a long day. It's the perfect size so that it will fit in any space, ideal for the home, office or gym. 


    • Easy to use and quiet. 
    • 7 soothing color implemented in the built-in night-light. 
    • Dim and bright settings for each color, switch between colors or set it to a fixed color. Perfect as a children's night light.

    Improve Your Quality Of Sleep

    Improve your quality of sleep and de-stress. Research shows aromatherapy is an ideal non-medicinal method for improving health and sleep quality in both adults and children.


    Add a few drops of Lavender oil into the water and it will fill your space with an enchanting fragrance that can create therapeutic benefits. 
    Cool mist ultrasonic diffuser humidifies your living space to prevent dry, stuffy air and germs infecting your loved ones. It also prevents dry and chapped skin.

    Auto Functions 

    • This essential oil diffuser holds up to 300 ml of water. It can run up to 10 hours continuously. 
    • It will automatically switch off when it runs out of water. 
    • Multiple time setting modes: 1/2/3 hours. 


    1. This Aroma Diffuser set is ideal for every home and makes a great gift.
    2. Our essential oils are A Graded, 100% and most importantly there has been no animal testing involved. 
    3. These products have an FDA Certificate, so they are entirely safe to use and eco-friendly. 


    What's Included
    • 300ml Aroma diffuser with a wood grain
    • 30ml Bottle of Lavender Essential Oil 
    • Piece of microfiber cloth for care
    • Hassle Free Returns
    • 100% Money-Back Guaranteed


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