You Don’t Choose Yoga, It Chooses You.

You Don’t Choose Yoga, It Chooses You.

I used to think that people choose yoga, at some point on their path or at a certain time in their life. However, in the last few years, small and major events have occurred in my life and they’ve made me realize that you don't choose Yoga. It chooses you!


Discovering Yoga For The First Time

I must say that in my experience I fell in love with Yoga, immediately. Wholeheartedly. Except that it felt unexpectedly unusual, the sensation took me off guard. Let's be honest some love stories have bumpy starts; until it becomes evident you've discovered something incredible. And deep down you know will last for a long time.


Being Active Is A Way Of Life

Always having been active, I’ve always enjoyed waking up early to work out or play sports, from volleyball to swimming, from running trails to hiking and trekking.

Everyone should do things that make them feel happy and that make them a better version of themselves. Above all, it's so important to enjoy what you do since there's more chance you'll stick at it.


My First Attempt At Yoga

I started practicing yoga later in life, even though the idea of it was lingering in the back of my mind for a long time after first being recommended by a good friend. I initially passed on the opportunity since I assumed yoga was too mild as a fitness practice.

A few years ago I first delved into the world of yoga. Immediately after my very first class I walked over to my teacher with a wide smile and said that I would never give up yoga! It was truly a turning point in my journey.

He looked a little puzzled but he could see the determination in my eyes. I managed to prove myself right! I've been practicing every day since.


It's Normal To Feel Uncertain 

When yoga was a niche activity at best, I was intrigued but didn't feel quite ready enough to take the plunge.

It took me years to realize what it was all about. The peaceful yet challenging nature of yoga drew me to it. I thought there must be a reason why this activity is becoming so popular globally, especially in such a fast-paced society such as ours. 

It was pretty much clear to me that through yoga, the mental frame from which I used to see myself and the world would be totally shifted within and without. I knew that I needed that badly!

By this time in my life, I felt a little stuck as we all do at some point. Whether it's work, relationships or family matters, stress can become too intense, and we end up disconnected from ourselves and from everything else. Eventually, we feel we can’t bear that alienation any longer. For me, that’s when I finally felt the urge to find a yoga teacher, after years of procrastination.



“Yoga allows you to find a new kind of freedom that you may not have known even existed.”

B.K.S. Iyengar


I presumed I would be great at yoga immediately since I've always been athletic. I couldn’t have been more wrong!

As any beginner will quickly realize, I too learned that yoga is about more than just endurance and strength and flawless performance.

I discovered soon enough that I had to work on my inner strength; compassion and above all. I had to learn the importance of each breath. I had to find out that a flexible mind makes a flexible body. I had to become patient and take time to truly listen to my body and most importantly; I needed to learn the art of non-doing.

In time, I started to acknowledge the importance of stillness of the mind and the fullness of silence. I started to see that the whole point of yoga is to be one with your body, mind, and soul.

I still love running, swimming, and long treks now and then. But every morning when the sun rises, I can’t help but waking up, rolling out my mat and doing my practice.

Whatever happens throughout the day, I meditate during the rising sun and do yoga before the day unfolds.

Nine years ago yoga chose me. Now I know whatever course my journey takes, I can face it with a grateful heart and a calm mind.